Half a Leaf

There is so much to discover in nature! This activity encourages imagination, fine motor skills and nature play Materials For this activity you will need: Various types of leaves Scissors, paper, pencil, pastels or crayons Glue or flour and water mixture which acts as a glue Learning Goals With this activity you will learn the […]

Flower-Leaf Print

Flower-Leaf Print: Connecting already experienced print-technique with nature materials. Getting used to work with different textures to create art projects.

Clay Sculptures

Use clay sculptures to support children in connecting common and uncommon natural resources with each other. Children experience freedom when using clay to create according to their own imagination and do not depend on bought materials as they use natural resources from their environment. Providing opportunities for children who might prefer to work without interaction and communication.

Patch-Work Paper Design

Patch-Work Paper Design is a fantastic way to get those fine motor skills working and the imagination running wild!


Create a rainmaker using a variety of tools, such as nails for risky and challenging play.