Half a Leaf

There is so much to discover in nature! This activity encourages imagination, fine motor skills and nature play Materials For this activity you will need: Various types of leaves Scissors, paper, pencil, pastels or crayons Glue or flour and water mixture which acts as a glue Learning Goals With this activity you will learn the […]

Flower-Leaf Print

Flower-Leaf Print: Connecting already experienced print-technique with nature materials. Getting used to work with different textures to create art projects.

Forest Creatures

Support children’s excitement about the natural environment with forest creatures. Fine motor skills are enhanced with endless opportunities for imaginative and curious play!

Painting With What We Have


Some parents and educators cringe at the word ‘paint’ especially with toddlers! Have wipes, painting smock and old table cloth at the ready and give it a go.

Beach Treasures

This preschool activity is great for introducing an appreciation of natural materials to children. Children are encouraged to engage in discussion about sea life, their experiences with various types of shapes, colours and textures. The activity also supports creativity and sharing funds of knowledge.

Nature-Sensory Path

Children will learn and observe similarities with themselves when exploring the basic needs of animals and plants.

Construction with Natural Resources

We all love the smell of freshly baked treats. This interactive playdough baking activity will help children use their imagination, coordination and will encourage older children practice gross and fine motor skills. Sprinkle a little spice into the dough and no one will know that it’s playdough!