Diversity and Equality Activities for Young Children

Diversity and Equality Activities for Young Children: Free E-book!

Why is it important to Promote Diversity and Equality with Young Children?

A common misconception is that children do not notice differences, whether that’s eye colour or noticing that another child has an additional need. However, research indicates that children as young as 6 months are able to categorise people based on ethnicity and even gender, so children notice differences.

Children receive messages both themselves and those around them from their environment. This can be received through daily interactions with their parents, teachers, friends and even non-verbal reactions. Children watch how their parents and those around them interact with diverse types of people. Between ages 3-5, these experiences begin to inform children’s behaviour or how they react and interact with others. Download TeachKloud’s free e-book on promoting diversity, equality and inclusion for young children or take our interactive video course on Kloud Academy.

Certified On-Demand, Short Course on Diversity and Equality for Young Children

Want to learn more on diversity and equality for preschool and kindergarten children? Take our on-demand and interactive 40 minute course packed with practical examples on Kloud Academy: https://app.kloudacademy.com/


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