Sample Phrases to use while documenting

Sample Phrases to use while documenting

Have you ever been documenting or writing an observation and were literally lost for words? It’s happened to all of us. The most important thing to remember is try to give examples of what the child did and how it links into your curriculum framework. These phrases are here to guide and hopefully inspire you through the writing process… Feel free to leave some ideas for us so we can add to the knowledge pool to help other educators.

Sample phrases to inspire you when documenting & observing in early childhood education and care

  • You took pride in what you made (well-being/identity)
  • You were active in your learning (well-being/exploring and thinking)
  • You took turns (identity, belonging, communication and well-being)
  • You were able to express yourself clearly (communication)

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Over 30 phrases and words to use when documenting. These phrases/words are all linked to Aistear and the early childhood curriculum framework themes of Well-being, Communication, Identity & Belonging, Exploring & Thinking!

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