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We know how that box ticking and paperwork eat up far too much of your time. TeachKlouds easy to use app speeds up the process of administrative tasks, from child registration to daily sheets and invoicing.

TeachKloud helps you prioritize providing quality learning experiences for children and away from mind numbing paperwork!

Why Choose TeachKloud?

What TeachKloud Users Say About Us

“Teachkloud has put our service on another level”

Before TeachKloud, Tiny Tots Childcare relied on print out sheets after finding other childcare management software hard to use and uninviting. After deciding to trial TeachKloud, Tiny Tots Childcare found that they saved 2 – 4 hours per day plus also saving on ink, paper and photocopying costs.

Teachkloud has put our service on another level. In terms of sharing with parents, developing that parent/teacher relationship, parents being able to feel part of their child’s day, and knowing what they are doing/learning and who they are playing with. Seeing a picture of your child on Teachkloud during the day at work, is so much more reassuring than a quick phone call to the service on their lunch break.

As a manager it has freed up my time considerably to concentrate on other areas of the service, as my staff are in control of communicating with their parents, and showing what a wonderful job they are doing each day in class. During lockdown, my staff were able to communicate with their children still, and now we are back, and not able to allow parents into the building, we find that relationship with the parents and communication is stronger than ever.

Jenny Kyle – Owner, Tiny Tots Childcare

TeachKloud’s Impact On Your Childcare Setting

Communication & Engagement

Our users show an increased level of engagement and involvement with families! Messaging, image and video sharing, consent forms, digital signatures, daily updates and learning journals are just some of the benefits parents using TeachKlouds free parent app get! Educators can also track when records like daily sheets and child observations are seen by parents.

Enhance Efficiency

Document child observations, daily sheets, accidents, incidents, medication logs, ‘wow’ moments and work on the go. TeachKloud helps you maximize hours in the day and is cost effective.

Childcare Compliance and Room Planning

Design and store all health and safety checklists, risk assessments, occupancy, ratio’s, room planning, staff rosters, child registration, waiting lists and more in one safe and centralized location. You’ll always be inspection-ready.

Increase Profitability

Create and utilize automated attendance reports to improve billing efficiency. Use the TeachKloud platform to keep track of payments, invoicing and communication with families to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Unique Features You Won't Find Anywhere Else

From our e-learning platform for childcare educators with short masterclass video’s and certificates, the ability to add any curriculum or framework to our innovative lesson planning software that creates plans based on individual children!