Thank you for being a loyal customer!

fANCY A €50 one4All?

Thank you for being a loyal customer

fancy a €50 one4all voucher?


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Tell a friend about how amazing TeachKloud is or share how TeachKloud has helped you. For example, you may post to an early childhood group on Facebook or send an email to those you think may be interested! Spread the word!


Your friend should mention your name and business as the referrer, when doing their demo! Remember, you get a voucher for EVERY person referred.


Once they purchase a subscription, you receive your One4All voucher, to show our gratitude. Please see our terms b below.

Terms and Conditions

Please note, if the subscription purchased is on a monthly basis, you will receive your one4all voucher, after their first 2 months with TeachKloud! Yearly subscriptions do not have a waiting period. If in the exceptional case, the referred purchases a TeachKloud subscription but you do not receive a voucher, please email us and we'll be more than happy to help! Please ensure that the referred mentions your name and business, when booking and/or during the demo. This offer is only available, if the referred has 20+ children.