Bringing the Outside In

Join us for this webinar on sensory, risk and nature play webinar: bringing the outside in. Our panel of experts from Europe and America will discuss play and give strategies on risky, nature and sensory play, to support educators in bringing the outside in! See below for our panel of speakers or register now to join us on this exciting journey! Registration is completely free. There is an optional certificate of attendance for a small fee.


Katherine Minor

Katherine owns a nature, non-for-profit school – Wonderforest School. Wonderforest is a nature and play-based program for 3-7 year olds. The program aims to educate and encourage the developmental growth of the child, as a whole, not just 123s and ABCs. Children are encouraged to have a voice in their own learning. This is all done in the outdoors and natural world!

“As I continue to learn more, I hope to expand the age group and programs offered to give all families the opportunity to have quality nature based education on their terms.”

Katie Minor, Wonderforest School
“Where The Wild Things Grow”🌱

Nicole J Corbo

Nicole has spent the last three decades educating learners of all ages in nature. She founded Roots & Sky Nature-Based Learning because she believes it is essential that all children, preschool through high school, and the grown-ups who guide them, have access and opportunities to experience meaningful time learning in, about, and with nature. Nicole works with schools and education programs all over the United States, offering outdoor learning program support, professional development, and mentoring/consulting services. Closer to home in Washington state, ‘Frog’, (as she is joyfully known to nature school students & their families) offers support for her community by providing flexible opportunities for children aged 2 – 10 to immerse in Nature Time! Nicole entered the Nature Preschool field by way of Cedarsong Nature School and still leads training programs across the country as a Certified Trainer for The Cedarsong Way. To support other nature-based educators in the Pacific Northwest United States, Nicole directs the Washington Nature Preschool Association (WaNPA), an all-volunteer collaborative of outdoor and nature-based educators, administrators, and consultants. Nicole is deeply committed to furthering understanding of and access to outdoor nature-based learning, because she believes that in nature, we find everything we need.

Bring the outside in

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