Bringing the Outside In

Join us for this webinar on sensory, risk and nature play webinar: bringing the outside in. Our panel of experts from Europe and America will discuss play and give strategies on risky, nature and sensory play, to support educators in bringing the outside in! See below for our panel of speakers or register now to join us on this exciting journey! Registration is completely free. There is an optional certificate of attendance for a small fee.


Katherine Minor

Katherine owns a nature, non-for-profit school – Wonderforest School. Wonderforest is a nature and play-based program for 3-7 year olds. The program aims to educate and encourage the developmental growth of the child, as a whole, not just 123s and ABCs. Children are encouraged to have a voice in their own learning. This is all done in the outdoors and natural world!

“As I continue to learn more, I hope to expand the age group and programs offered to give all families the opportunity to have quality nature based education on their terms.”

Katie Minor, Wonderforest School
“Where The Wild Things Grow”🌱

Nuria & Pilar - Kerkus Forest School

Kerkus Forest School is an independent Forest School based in Dublin. We believe kids can benefit significantly from learning in the natural environment, and provide a safe space for child-led play. Forest School is a fantastic foundation for learning that has a very positive influence on later academic achievements. We run weekly after school groups, a weekly morning group and camps throughout the year. Our Forest School leaders, Pilar and Nuria are a mother daughter team that share a passion for the outdoors and all it has to offer young minds. Life-long learners with a background in Montessori teaching and art therapy

Bring the outside in

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