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Go paperless and streamline administration, with TeachKloud. Save hours on paperwork for Tusla, Pobal and the DES. Simplify reporting processes, like invoices, policies, attendance, staff rosters and much more!

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TeachKloud isn’t just software; it’s a partnership, rooted in the early childhood profession. Innovative tools you won’t find anywhere else!

  • KloudCanvas helps you create beautiful newsletters & parent tip sheets using our pre-designed templates
  • Kloud Academy provides certified courses for childcare professionals
  • Educator Pal is your personal childcare planning assistant
  • Flexible Curricula and Frameworks enable you to use our pre-loaded templates or add your own

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I am a Tusla Registered Childminder and my daughter and I have been running Little Rainbows Childminding for two years.  I have worked in Childcare for over 20 years, mostly in the United Kingdom.  When I registered with Tusla and started to offer NCS funding, I found the Regulatory Requirements had a huge impact on the amount of paperwork required daily.  Juggling 5 Toddlers, all under the age of 3 and complying with the regulations was adding a huge amount of pressure to my day and taking my attention away from the Children.  I was having to work after hours, to keep up to date with my paperwork.

Then Childminding Ireland told me about TeachKloud and even offered a discount if I signed up, as I am a member of Childminding Ireland.  I cannot emphasise enough how this App has changed my life!  It caters to every single regulatory requirement that is encountered as a Tusla Registered Childminder and more!  You can work off the Teachkloud App which is on your mobile and you can also use your laptop.  So Teachkloud is mobile – even while running around after the children, you can tap away and get all your daily checks done. 

Teachkloud does all the work for you – you can set it up and personalise it to your Childcare Setting.  The initial set up is quick and Teachkloud staff guide you through this stage and are extremely helpful.  It covers all areas of childcare from the beginning to the end of your day.  It logs Children and Educator’s attendance, Leave Days, Checklists – Cleaning, Risk Assessments, Policies, Visitor Log, Safety Logs, Children’s Profiles, Parent Details, Daily logs such as Disposition, Meals, Sleep Checks, Bathroom, Nappy, Medication, Accidents, Bottles, Temperature etc.  It allows for the input of Learning Journeys, Supporting Learning, Emerging Interests, Creative Curriculum, Developmental Checklists. 

It does so much that it is difficult to document it all down here.  For our setting, it has been an absolute game changer.  The Parents LOVE it!!!  They have access to their child’s day at the touch of a button and most importantly it involves them in the learning journey – the app is very interactive with parents.  I have set my app to send a daily reminder to the parents at 4pm and this notifies them to check on their child’s day.  They love receiving the daily photos and videos on the app as well which accompanies the learning journey logs.

In ending the biggest bonus is that when Tusla inspect – everything they need to check is really at the touch of a button.  You can open your laptop and let them browse around – everything is there for them to see and they can also see all interaction with the parents.

In ending we would just like to say a huge thank you to Teachkloud and cannot imagine not using this app in our Childcare Setting.  Also, a huge thank you to Childminding Ireland for advising us of this app and arranging a discount for Childminders, which makes it very affordable.

Charmaine and Brytnee Parnaby,
Owner, Little Rainbows Childminding

We came to use TeachKloud about 8 months ago following much research prompted by frustration with the App we had been using. The initial contact with Wendy from TeachKloud was very helpful and encouraging – it was evident she knew her way around Childcare on a practical level, from curriculum and ECCE/NCS scheme requirements to invoicing and communication.

Our service users are finding the TeachKloud App much more user friendly. As a downloadable App it is stable and we don’t have issues with servers lagging at various times of the day. Our staff find the photos of the children against their name very useful when adding learning stories, attendance, messages etc. There are various ways to add information for single/group additions which works really well – whether it be letting all parents know about the same activity or letting just one parent know. Sending messages is the same, which is very handy.

The attendance schedules and billing/funded hours side of things is extensive. Like other elements of the App there are different ways to set things up to suit a variety of structures. Our Childcare service is quite large and complicated so following advice/training from Wendy, we set things up using ‘Session Rates’, ECCE/NCS through ‘Funded Hours’ and weekly billing. Invoices now automatically generate weekly and our parents/guardians can see them instantly. They also have the option to pay through the App. It’s easy to archive children who have left the service or re-enable them if they return. Adding public holidays/school closure days and downloading room schedules for the week is very simple too.

Any contact we have had with TeachKloud has been seamless. Someone always gets back to you very promptly with an answer or a timeframe on when an answer can be provided. We initially had an issue with the NCS ‘rounding-up’ of hours when it came to billing but a new feature was introduced to cover this anomaly which made a huge difference instantly. TeachKloud customer service is excellent, feedback/suggestions for improvements are welcome and the bonus is it hasn’t changed from first contact to now.

Given our Childcare service covers a multitude of care options and sessions daily, we needed a robust App to cope with this diversity and TeachKloud hasn’t disappointed.

Kay Hayes,
A Place to Grow