Child care attendance software

Efficient, Compliant & Integrative solution that helps, not hinders

TeachKloud’s attendance tracking software was specifically designed and developed for early years settings and all the unique challenges it presents.

Simplify and streamline administration

Simplify and streamline administration to spend more meaningful time with the children you care for. TeachKloud’s child care attendance software cuts down on time-intensive manual tasks such as registrations, whilst providing you with the power to organise & personalise data.

Personalise & Centralise Attendance

TeachKloud is an integrative system. The data input into the attendance tracking software can be automatically synchronised with billing and governmental allowances for individual children. Save hours of time marrying manual registrations to payments and let TeachKloud do it for you.

TeachKloud is ready to support your early years setting from day one. But as a comprehensive software, it was also designed to be customised to serve your needs. The attendance tracking software can be adapted for different locations and varying governmental funding and allowances. Control your child care facility from a single, secure platform.

Consolidate Check In & Out With Confidence

Our child care attendance software serves educators & parents, but prioritises children. Organising attendance records with TeachKloud makes it easier to spot trends, gather insights and act faster to early warning signs.

As a connective software, parents and teachers can communicate or share information. TeachKloud also has a ‘collection’ tracking system. Create collection points and keep records, notify parents on who picked up their child and at what time, with instant information sharing via the parent mobile app. Coordinate more detailed information, such as who signed a child in and out, without adding to your to do list.

TeachKloud provides peace of mind like never before.