Accident Recording Software

TeachKloud is a dedicated, early years and nursery management system, designed by specialists, experienced in our industry. Every feature of the TeachKloud platform has been developed to help early years professionals work more efficiently and effectively, optimising the time they have with children and enhancing relationships with families. TeachKloud’s accident recording software ensures compliance on the go, from the easy-to-use interface:

Accident Recording Software features

Securely Create, Store & Share Accident Records

TeachKloud’s digital accident recording software is easy to use. Access and share with team members throughout the setting, limiting physical contact wherever necessary. Notify parents of any activity or accident instantly to build confidence and open, active communication between families and your school.

Using TeachKloud’s accident recording software can mean that your team is able to respond quickly if a parent gives permission to administer pain relief or provides another response. All decisions and actions are more accurately recorded and stored in one, centralised location within the software.

Adaptable Accident Recording Software

Accident and incident recording is sometimes unavoidable in early years environments. TeachKloud have streamlined the process and updated the documentation process to maximise efficiency and effective compliance.

Our paperless software is the solution for space-eating hard-copy records and disorganised notes. Teachers are able to add follow up notes and observations, without scribbling them on a post-it note. Everything is templated and centralised.

TeachKloud’s accident recording software can be customised to suit your health and safety framework. Early years practices are also able to synchronise this with parent and child profiles to organise all records by individuals.