Staff Management Software

Manage, Collaborate & Organise with Software That Works for Your Staff & Your Setting

Early childhood teachers just like you have developed TeachKloud’s staff management software. In collaboration with early years experts, practitioners and parents, TeachKloud is a tool that supports the work you do and allows you to get back to it.

Our Staff Management features

The staff management features of TeachKloud’s software provides your team with everything they need: from access to forms and policies to digital staff rotas that make it simpler than ever to organise their time efficiently.

Give Your Educators A Tool That Works For Them

TeachKloud’s pre school management software provides a comprehensive solution with templates and features that are easily customisable and tailored to your childcare service. Simplify room management by creating and automatically syncing staff rota’s, as well as child attendance. Reduce the hours of organisation spent making sure teachers have enough time with their key children and marrying hours to timesheets with one centralised staff management software.

Combat early years high staff turnover with centralised data. TeachKloud ensures that all handovers and transitions for new team members are efficient, with access to child information, direct communication with other rooms or management and organised protocols in one, paperless place.

A Staff Management Software That Promotes Efficiency & Compliance

From one, consolidated software, management teams and preschool practitioners can access a complete overview of their setting. TeachKloud staff management features make it easier to plan and to personalise; from communicating staff schedules or room changes to organising lesson planning and equipment. 

TeachKloud’s connective features are specially designed for early years, but will always remain flexible. Staff management software integrates with other features. As regulations continue to evolve, TeachKloud makes it easier to monitor and manage compliance, ensuring your setting is always inspection ready. Management can create and view custom reports for cleaning sheets, check-ins, daily records, and so much more to ensure staff adhere to regulations.