Pre School Billing Software

Billing And Invoicing For Childcare

Billing and invoicing for childcare is complicated before you even introduce your region’s tax-free allowances, funding schemes or subsidies. TeachKloud is here to simplify all of that.

There is a better way to bill! Free up your precious time and reduce one of the most time-consuming tasks down to a simple click of a button. TeachKloud’s billing and invoicing software allows you to return to what you love, without worrying about receiving payments from parents and managing your costs.

Billing And Invoicing Software Features

It only takes 15 minutes to make your business more profitable

Payments That Offer Peace Of Mind For Your Pre School

TeachKloud is the pre school management software that is built for you. Just like all of our other features, the billing software can be customised to suit your needs. Parents and pre-schools are able to track their payments and keep up to date with their finances. Give yourself – and your families peace of mind, with TeachKloud’s billing and invoicing software.

Choose from three payment structures to bill your families based on custom timeframes or terms, while offering seamless, safe and secure payment options. Prompt parents about their upcoming or overdue payments. TeachKloud helps you facilitate those much-needed open conversations and makes it easier to accommodate parental needs and provide a flexible and effective service.

A Move Towards More Profitable & Professional Pre Schools

Leave slips of paper and forgotten invoices behind! 

TeachKloud’s billing and invoicing feature is built specifically for early childhood services and after schools. Developed by experts, with real-life experience in the preschool industry. The system is designed with you in mind, including all the extras you may need, such as the ability to add discounts, extra sessions, generate custom fees or send invoices for an entire class with just one click!

Lost invoices mean lower profits and missed payments. The billing feature within our app, includes reporting and analytics, so that you can generate financial reports on projected income versus collected payments. With TeachKloud, you always know where you stand financially and the system automatically follows-up on missed payments when things don’t quite add up. Plus, the invoicing feature integrates with our attendance software, so that you’ll never forget to charge for an extra day again.

Start future proofing your pre school by accurately forecasting your finances for the week, term or year ahead.

Here at TeachKloud, we constantly develop new features designed to help, not hinder.

We know first hand that the early years’ and school environments now require a lot of box-ticking and paperwork. Our software streamlines that complex admin and eliminates the need for the rest. There’s no need to waste money on multiple software that each only serve a single purpose. TeachKloud has it all in one place.