About us

Who We Are

We help childcare services reduce administrative costs, streamline operations and comply with regulations through our easy-to-use app, so that you can invest in what matters the most – helping young children to thrive.

We believe that every child, no matter who they are or where they come from, should have access to quality early childhood education and care. We also know that quality only comes from educators who feel fully supported. We are passionate about supporting childcare services and schools, by alleviating the administrative burden, while providing educational suggestions and tools to excel at safety inspections with our easy to use and intuitive management software.

Our Why

TeachKloud was founded by Wendy in 2017 during her PhD in early childhood education and care. While working in early childhood services she spoke with over 1000 early childhood providers, parents and policy makers. The emergent theme was that over-regulation and paperwork meant that educators were spending more time ticking boxes than they were with children and their families.

Wendy’s biggest questions were then: “How can I help educators to provide quality services for children and families, while also excelling at inspections and complying with regulations? And how can I do this without adding to childcare providers, crippling costs?”

And so TeachKloud was born.

What We Do

TeachKloud is an early childhood management software app that enables quicker observations, comprehensive reporting, streamlined administration and better parental communication.

All our features are designed to help, not hinder your childcare service; from intelligent, prompting learning journal software to risk assessments and customisable compliance management within your setting. We’re the productive, paperless solution you’ve been looking for.