Pre School Records Software

Those hurried notes are now secure in one comprehensive software

The best way to track advances and developments in early years is through observation. And the best way to track observations is with TeachKloud.

Customise daily records to suit your pre school!

TeachKloud’s pre school records software allows teachers and practitioners to make quick notes in a place they won’t get lost. Organise daily sheets, document incidents or updates for:

Keep Track To Monitor Change

Using TeachKloud’s daily record software secures information. Working in multiple spaces and with larger teams means that individual child information may not always be witnessed by the key worker. Teams can leave comments using TeachKloud’s daily records to support and personalise care within your pre school setting.

TeachKloud software was designed to simplify your daily tasks, ensuring that your focus is always where it needs to be, on children’s education and care.

Streamline Information Sharing With TeachKloud Records Software

TeachKloud facilitates communication between parents, teachers and families. With personalised daily recording features, parents and professionals can collaborate and stay up to date on accidents, medication logs and meals and important moments. Organised information ensures all parties can respond quicker and work in the best interest of the child efficiently.

TeachKloud’s comprehensive pre school software also allows parents to sign any important records, such as accident reports. Those signed permissions will also be stored safely. No more slips of paper in physical files.