Policy Management Software

Paperless, Policy Management for Effortless Updates

TeachKloud is the pre-school management software, designed by experts specifically for early years settings. Working closely with managers, practitioners and families, TeachKloud was developed as an antidote to paper-intensive work that eats into your day.

Early years environments have had to adapt their protocols, procedures and daily tasks in light of enhanced health and safety measures. TeachKloud’s policy management software organises and centralises all important, necessary documents and allows you to focus time where it matters most.

Streamline Sharing With TeachKloud Policy Management Software

Using TeachKloud’s policy management software secures information in one place. Ensure your setting is always inspection ready with accessible information at the fingertips of everyone that needs it. Share information, notify teams of changes and streamline communication at the touch of a button. Make parents feel like partners by keeping them in the loop and up to date.

Customise the TeachKloud platform to make it work for your setting and framework. The easy to use interface is adaptable, designed for you and your team on the go.