Risk Assessment Software

Safer Learning Environment’s With Streamlined Risk Assessments

Conducting risk assessments, managing compliance and organising the safety of your setting is time consuming. TeachKloud’s intelligent, comprehensive pre-school management system provides a new way to do things and stay on top.

Risk Assessment Software

Efficient, Complaint & Centralised Risk Assessment Software

TeachKloud’s risk assessment and cleaning sheets software simplifies the tick-box tasks that must be completed before the day can begin. Easy to use and designed specifically for early years settings, our risk assessment software provides a centralised space to collate and store every aspect of your evaluations.

Effortless, paperless organisation and time-saving software that serves your staff, children and setting:

The software that makes a difference to your Day-To-Day

It’s rare to get enough notice of an inspection to make a difference. Yet, early years risk assessment software ensures that you’re always compliant and check-up ready.

Adapt and update your risk assessments and cleaning sheets in line with enhanced safety measures as a result of COVID-19, without wasting paper, ink or making it a time-consuming task. Simply change the frequency of assessments or add new fields to your checklists.

Unlike other childcare management systems, the TeachKloud platform is intelligent and integrative. Connect your early years risk assessments with regulatory frameworks or simply synchronise internal information from one platform. All TeachKloud features work together, too. So teachers can instantly raise an issue or concern via instant messaging without putting anyone at risk.

Structured but customised for your setting. Keep track to keep safe

The experts here at TeachKloud recognise that every setting is a different space and they have different threats or exposures. Our comprehensive risk assessment software and unique platform provide customisable sheets and frequency checks designed to support child and staff safety in individual spaces.

Upload your own templates to the platform for a personalised – and paperless – approach to managing your early years setting.

The TeachKloud technology is integrative. Assign staff members, track and conduct risk assessments, monitor cleaning sheets or daily records to ensure your setting and simplify your daily tasks.