Enrolment Management Software

Personalise the process and get started with online enrolment from TeachKloud

Start how you mean to go on; organised and efficient with TeachKloud’s online enrolment software. Our technology manages and simplifies one of the most time-consuming tasks within the early years industry. Schools are now able to collect and collate all the necessary information to enroll and admit new students, graduate existing children and remain inspection ready at all times.

Enrolment Management Software Features

Create, upload, share and store all the documents

TeachKloud connects and streamlines all stages of the enrolment process, from collecting information to communicating with parents and creating waiting lists. TeachKloud’s pre school management software was designed by early years experts as a tool for every unique facility. This means our solution is comprehensive, but always customisable.

Create, upload, share and store all the documents and templates required to get a child started the right way with their education. TeachKloud’s online enrolment management software means that parents can fill out and submit admissions documents remotely and completely paperless!

Dedicated pre school early years enrolment software

TeachKloud helps early years settings overcome the challenges unique to our industry. With not enough time, too much paperwork and ever changing compliance regulations, our enrolment software centralises forms and ensures compliance in one consolidated location.

Dedicated pre school early years enrolment software means that you can create forms and templates unique for young children, including their preferences and interests as well as allergies, dietary requirements and habits. TeachKloud enrolment software ensures that you have everything you need to start off each child’s journey.