Learning Journal Software

Personalised, Paperless Learning Journals for Dynamic Settings

TeachKloud’s unique and intelligent learning journal software recognises each child’s individuality and provides the tools to help educators support them. Designed and developed by early years specialists, TeachKloud’s electronic learning journal feature means settings can document and personalise growth and development from day 1.

Our Learning Journal features

Optimise Observations In Your Setting

TeachKloud’s electronic learning journal software centralises observations, making the most out of on-the-go observations. Wave goodbye to scribbled post-it note observations. With TeachKloud’s technology, all learning journal entries add value to the development of each child, providing a centralised, organised space to share special moments and document learning for inspectors and parents.

TeachKloud’s learning journal software is intelligent. We recognise the importance of recognising preferences and interests of each child. The predictive feature provides prompts for next steps and emerging interests. Facilities are then able to shape and tailor activities and room planning to best meet the needs of individual children, all in one place.

The learning journal software can be customised to suit your setting and any specific requirements. Integrate a template to standardise and format all journals professionally – but without losing personality.

Share & Care For Each Individual Family Journey With TeachKloud Software

Although TeachKloud was designed by Early Years experts and professionals, parents were key consultants throughout development. The Learning Journal software encourages and connects facilities with their families through shared updates, images and observations.

With the parent app, families engage and get involved in child development more than ever before. Online learning journals promote quality relationships and enhance the parent experience by streamlining direct communication about individual needs and observations. The TeachKloud learning journal feature can also be synchronised with relevant curricula or frameworks, such as the EYFS, Aistear, Montessori, HighScope and so many more too.

Dynamic, limitless learning that suits your setting. Book a free demo, now.