Instant Messaging Software

Collaborate, Communicate & Connect with Everyone That Makes Your Organisation Special

How we communicate with parents and staff is no longer optional. TeachKloud’s instant messaging software bridges the gap in relationships that social distancing and remote-working measures have left behind. The educator-parent connection has been disrupted, but with TeachKloud’s instant messaging, you can ensure everyone is engaged and on the same page.

Cut out unread paper updates and scribbled down notes and get the response you need immediatelyConnect instantly and with no fuss with staff, teams and parents using TeachKloud.

Enhance Relationships With TeachKloud

Instant messaging allows schools and settings to focus staff time where it matters. You no longer have to interrupt the day to pick up the phone to ask a parent a question or share an update on their child. Instant messaging software allows your business to better meet the needs and expectations of busy or on-the-go parents. TeachKloud’s instant messaging service builds and maintains quality relationships with families that keep your business going.

But it’s not just close parent communication that’s important for your preschool or setting to run smoothly. Teams must be able to communicate. Preserve ratios and protect any distancing measures where you are, with contactless communication through TeachKloud. In early years, it’s essential to be able to share and react to information quickly. Instant messaging allows you to work more efficiently every day.

Instant Messaging Software, Designed Specifically For You

TeachKloud is a nursery management software designed by early years specialists to help you overcome the everyday challenges you face in your preschool or nursery. The instant messaging feature is entirely secure so that you can share documents and child-specific information without worry. The centralised software means that everything is in one place rather than 12. 

Stop wasting time and resources spent on prompting parents, scribbling reminders and re-printing newsletters. There’s a better and easier way to do things now. Preschools using TeachKloud save up to 4 hours every day on these kinds of administrative tasks, without sacrificing on the level of service they provide.

Get started in just one day or book a 30-minute demo to understand how TeachKloud & instant messaging software can improve your early years business today.