School Parent Communication Software

Connect with families on the next level with TeachKloud

TeachKloud’s parent app streamlines and simplifies partnerships with families. Our unique school parent communication software engages and elevates involvement, sharing learning journals, information and updates for parents on the go.

Our Parent App features

TeachKloud was designed by early years experts to bring the pre school experience into the digital world. Our connective, unique school-parent communication software was developed in collaboration with parents and educators to unite, update and share.

Provide Parents With Paperless, Instant Insights To Their Child

TeachKloud’s school parent communication software centralises and secures conversations between parents and educators. Our technology was developed to reinforce partnerships with parents, without over-complicating the process. With TeachKloud there are no more paper signatures, scribbled notes, letters and updates. Make the parent experience immersive and interactive, but also instant.

With TeachKloud’s school parent communication software, professionals can immediately share media-rich updates on each individual child, as well as box-ticking documents. Personalise the information you share, giving a real time report on each child’s activity. Anyone with the appropriate permissions can receive updates on a child, too, making modern parenting easier, together.

Parent Communication Software

Compliant, Connective Communication Software For Schools and Parents

TeachKloud’s pre school management software has been designed as a comprehensive solution to every obstacle in the modern early years classroom or facility. Our school parent communication software ensures collaboration and compliance with all necessary checklists and permissions. Teachers can share accident reports, send an instant message and notify parents of an incident, achievement or change as soon as it happens. TeachKloud makes it easier than ever before to collect feedback or information as soon as possible and on the go.

The communication software is completely secure. Managers, teachers and parents trust TeachKloud to automate reminders and updates for billing and sensitive information as well as sharing fun moments throughout their child’s day.

Minimise contact with parents and families but amplify communication, bringing memories directly to mobile devices from inside the early years settings with TeachKloud.