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Language Development and Loose Parts Play. Free E-book and Video Series!

Look Who’s Talking: Language Development and Loose Part’s Play in Preschool and Home Learning Environments

Language is a remarkable thing. The world is made up of many different languages and within those languages, many different dialects. The way that one learns language has been debated and theorised for a long time. Some theorists believe that language is learned by the way a child is raised (nurture). Others believe that children are born with the innate ability to learn language regardless of family life or circumstances (nature). In this  free e-book and language development and loose parts play in children’s learning, the major language development theories will be discussed, as well as how the brain processes language and the major language milestones that occur in pre-school children. The final part of the e-book focuses on loose parts play, complete with a video series and practical applications.

What does this free e-book on language development and loose parts play include?

Part 1 of this ebook focuses on brain development, as it relates to language acquisition, while Part 2, discusses language development in relation to preschool children. Optional Part 3: provides a series of videos that demonstrate practical learning opportunities. Watch our series of videos on using loose parts and open-ended play. Learn how to incorporate literacy and numeracy into children’s learning and natural environments here. Upon watching our video series, you will be eligible to download your certificate on Loose Parts Play: Theory and Practice.

language development ebook cover

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