Circle Time Free E-Book Series

Circle Time Free E-Book Series for Educators and Parents of Preschool Children

TeachKloud has devised circle time activities for preschool and home learning environments.

Pre-school is a child’s first experience with school. It can be a fun time for them. They are learning new things, meeting new friends, and engaging in new learning opportunities. Pre-school can also be a scary time for them. They are in a new environment with people they do not know.

As an educator, I have worked with children who transition easily into pre-school and those who do not. I have had the child that screams or is severely anxious when his parents leave. I have also worked with children who didn’t want to leave when their parents came back to collect them. Pre-school can be filled with mixed emotions. Each day, something new and unexpected happens—but that’s what makes teaching young children so exciting!

This e-book has been created to provide you with fun and short learning opportunities for children. Any activity should always be linked to the child’s interests, developmental age and knowledge of the child couple with the teacher’s expertise!

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