Trauma Sensitive Approaches to ECEC

Webinar Recording: Be the Buffer – Trauma Sensitive Approaches to ECEC

TeachKloud is delighted to have partnered with Dr Judith Butler, a trauma and early childhood experts and Ms Julie Meighan a play therapist and drama expert.

Scroll down to watch the on-demand webinar.

What to Expect

Clearly, young children are especially sensitive to toxic stress and adversity, largely because their bodies and indeed their brains are just developing. This webinar presented by Dr Judith Butler and Julie Meighan introduces practitioners to trauma sensitive approaches in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) settings. This webinar is geared towards those interested in learning about the impact of toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences on children’s brains, bodies and behaviour while offering practical suggestions that can be used to foster resilience.

This webinar is essential training for those running, managing, teaching and working in early childhood services or with children.


The presentation will be 30 minutes in length with a further 30 minutes for questions from attendees (some of the Q+A part of this webinar is not included in the on-demand session).

Who will be delivering the Covid-19 webinar for preschools?

Dr Wendy Oke has a PhD in early childhood education and is the founder of TeachKloud – a management and compliance application for early childhood services. Wendy will facilitate the session.

Dr Judith Butler is a researcher and lecturer in Early Childhood Education and Care at Cork Institute of Technology. Judith supervises postgraduate research and is currently involved in trauma research. Judith’s research interests include; the social domain of children’s development, in particular, social competence, relationships and the impact positive and adverse childhood experiences on children and their families. Judith has vast experience working with and on behalf of children. She is an editor for An Leanbh Og: The Irish Journal of Early Childhood Studies and is the national president of OMEP Ireland. Judith can be contacted via email: or on Twitter: @Dr_Jude

Ms Julie Meighan is a play therapist, facilitator and lecturer in drama at the Cork Institute of Technology. Julie lectures on the early childhood education (ECEC) and Social Care degree courses. She has delivered innovative workshops and training to a wide variety of academic and professional organisations worldwide. Julie also runs an educational blog at where she writes about all aspects of drama in education. She has written several books for teachers and has sold over 50,000 copies. Julie has a particular interest in how clay acts as a medium to assist children who have experienced trauma. Julie can be contact by email: or on Twitter: @drama_start


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