A Himama Alternative that Preschools Love

TeachKloud was created by a pre-school educator to help preschools and childcare services streamline everything in one place! This includes children’s learning, parental communication, staff management, parental invoicing and compliance with safety regulations! Used by thousands of early childhood educators and parents every day, you’re in good hands!

Starting from under $1 per child per month! Affordable pricing, pay for what you need
$35 per class, per month
Accident forms with analytics, digital signatures and reports
Risk assessments with digital signatures
Cleaning sheets with digital signatures
Policies and procedures with digital signature for parents and educators
Medication forms with digital signatures for parents and educators
Use any curriculum or framework
Consent forms for parents with digital signatures
Custom forms – create custom forms with parent signatures
Shared with parents or teachers
Staff rota’s, staff check-in and reports
Staff training and meeting logs
Professional development training videos for educators
Free set-up and training with a dedicated specialist
Instant-messaging with parents, between teachers and group messaging
Room planning: Occupancy, waiting lists that can be shared with parents or embedded on your website and reporting for future planning
Fire drills and fire safety logs
Enrolment forms
Pre-school activities and resources for educators and parents
Attendance tracking with reports
Billing and invoicing parents
Child observations, lesson planning, child portfolios and assessments
Free parent app with real-time updates
Daily sheets