What is an emergent curriculum for childcare professionals + Masterclass Video

Unlocking Curiosity: The Emergent Curriculum Course for Childcare Professionals

In the world of early childhood education, staying updated with evolving methodologies isn’t just beneficial, it’s vital. That’s where the Emergent Curriculum comes in.

What Is the Emergent Curriculum? Emergent curriculum is more than just a buzzword. It’s an approach that allows educators to follow children’s authentic curiosity, which naturally sprouts from their play. Instead of a fixed syllabus, the curriculum emerges from the child’s interests, interactions, and inquiries. But it doesn’t just stop there. As professionals, we incorporate our expertise, insights about the child, parental feedback, and curriculum goals to create a holistic learning environment.

Why Take This Course? Here’s the twist: understanding the theory behind the emergent curriculum is just the beginning. Bringing it to life in a classroom setting requires practical knowledge and skills. This 20-minute practical course, crafted for both educators and home-schooling parents, goes beyond the theoretical. It delves deep into real-life case studies, practical examples, and offers reflective exercises that not only enhance understanding but also ensure effective implementation. You can purchase an e-certificate to show your learning at the end of the course.

Course Highlights:

  • Case Study: Ayooluwa and the Butterfly
  • Key Characteristics of the Emergent Curriculum
  • Guiding Play-Based Learning
  • Encouraging Parental Partnerships
  • The Use of Technology in Documentation and Parent Communication
  • Avoiding Pitfalls When Implementing the Emergent Curriculum

Sign up for The Emergent Curriculum: Moving from Theory to Practice today and watch as curiosity turns into life-long learning.

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