Preschool Activities and Resources

TeachKloud was created by an early childhood educator! We are champions and advocates for the early childhood profession, children and their families. Preview our preschool resources below!

Video Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Are you looking for an engaging science preschool activities and videos? Amazing! You’ll love our science videos and activities!

Preschool Activities

Looking for inspiration or play ideas for your preschool or early childhood setting? We have fun, engaging and open-ended learning opportunities!

Video open-ended learning opportunities

This videos series offers 10 fascinating learning opportunities using natural materials, loose parts and man-made objects. Educators and parents can use these techniques in any learning environment.

Incorporating Mindfulness Activities into Your Preschool

This mindfulness webinar introduced educators to mindfulness and provides practical strategies on incorporating mindfulness into learning opportunities!

Video Series – Loose Parts Play

Inspiring ideas using loose parts in the pre-school with six in-depth activities for young children.

Let’s Make Things Happen!

TeachKloud helps early childhood educators reduce paperwork, implement high-quality learning experiences for children and their families through our easy to use management, communication and compliance app!

“Our mission is to support educators in providing quality early childhood learning experiences for children, no matter who they are or where they come from”

Wendy Oke
TeachKloud CEO