20 Light tables ideas and how to make your own easily!

20 Light tables ideas and how to make your own easily!

Kristen from Epic Childhood blog was kind enough to share her pictures with us on how she uses light tables to educate children. She explains that “using light tables and light during play are a magical way to foster creativity, imagination and inquiry. Get your free e-book with settling in and circle time learning ideas HERE.

Children are captivated by the light and enchanted by how objects appear on a light table. It’s a beautiful thing. Light play is also very calming. It can help a child to focus and concentrate. Light play is great for any child. Light table play activities can be adapted to a child’s age and learning activities are even more captivating when portrayed or explained using a light table, As it makes the educational lesson more interesting and memorable.

When an educational lesson is more interesting, the child soaks in the information and the experience much better than traditional ways of learning. I am a true believer in play-based, hands-on learning. I love Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf. Almost any type of educational activity can be set up on a light table. Light tables are great for observation, exploration, creativity, calming, and learning. See for yourself below!” Kristen — Epic Childhood blog — http://www.epic-childhood.com/

Kristen’s DIY Light table tutorial here! Kristen also share’s her experience with light tables on her Early Childhood Blog!

Read an excerpt below

“I have spent the last few years researching Reggio, Montessori, and even some Waldorf. If you have ever wondered anything about making or buying a light table or light box, this post is the one for you. If you really want a good breakdown explanation of the different types of light tables and light boxes, your very best bet is to go and read THIS post. My favorite light table options are the Whitney Brothers light tables, and the ultra thin portable light panel made by constructive playthings.

They have the absolute best light distribution and best light tone. These are two very important factors that you want to consider very seriously when choosing a light table or light box. You want to consider that the light table you make or buy could be damaging over a period of time to your children’s eyes, Making a light table or light box is not a bad thing, but there are some issues that could occur with making your own light box or light table. You could end up giving your child a gift that seems really cool at first, but ends up damaging their vision over time. Following a few guidelines will help tremendously.” (Read more on Kristen’s Early Childhood Blog here).

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