8 Simple Fun Summer Games

Make your own bubbles

  • You need a small bottle, some pipe cleaners and some detergent.
  • Mix detergent in the bottle
  • Shape pipe cleaner so that one end is a round circle.
  • Dip pipe cleaner in water then blow gently.

Make your own icy poles

  • Chop up some fruit and mix in a blender with water.
  • Put fruit mixture in icy pole moulds
  • Pop it in the freezer.
  • Once frozen pop out of moulds and eat!

Do some gardening — Pot some plants

  • Decorate some small pots
  • Pop soil in the pots
  • Put in a seed and watch it grow.

Treasure hunt

  • Hide some ‘treasure’ (you decide) around the outdoor play area
  • Get children in to pairs and give them clues as to where they can find the treasure.
  • Each pair of children sets out to find as many treasures as they can

Water play

  • Set up a tub outside with water.
  • Give children some craft materials such as paper, corks, plastic bottles and lids etc
  • Children using the materials have to make boats
  • Then then test the boats in the water tub.
  • Make a kite
  • You will need 2 sticks, a plastic bag and some string.
  • Take the two sticks and make a cross and then tie together.
  • Cut the plastic bag to fit the frame of the kite. Tie the ends of the sail to the cross you have made with the sticks . No need to use glue or tape. Just keep the knots tight!
  • Attach string in the middle of the cross and you are ready to fly

Make a paper plate frizz bee

  • Get 2 paper plates
  • Cut out the centre of the plates so that it looks like a halo
  • Stick them together and decorate
  • Have fun flying your frizz bee

Music water play

  • You will need some plastic bottles and water.
  • Fill the bottles with different levels of water and food colouring
  • Bang each bottle to see what noise they make
  • Experiment with changing the water levels to hear different sounds.
  • Make a windsock
  • Get a sheet of paper and roll into the shape of a tube.
  • Get some coloured plastic bags or paper and cut into strips
  • Tie these strips to the paper tube
  • Place your windsock outside and watch to see where the wind is blowing.
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