Make Your Preschool Contactless in 2021

Covid-19: How to Make Your Preschool Contactless in 2021

Covid-19 has had devastating effects on businesses and people worldwide. We’re still grappling with its effects and although we believe there is light at the tunnel, many preschools and businesses have taken steps to social distance and increase contactless processes with parents, while still working in partnership with parents.

Here are effective and easy strategies to keep you, children and their families safe during Covid-19.

Instant Parent Communication

As early childhood professionals, we still want to engage parents and build meaningful learning environments for all children. Parents are unable to visit preschools like they once did but still need to communicate with their child’s teacher.

Millions of preschools are using childcare apps to make this process as seamless as possible. For example, with the TeachKloud app, parents can send images, videos and messages.

Make Your Preschool Contactless in 2021

Child Registration, Contactless Policies, Staff Rosters and Accident Forms with Teachers & Parents with Digital Signatures!

The child registration process can be time consuming. Lots of forms need to be signed and consent obtained from parents. With less contact due to Covid-19, many preschools are taking this process online. With TeachKloud, children can be registered using the free parent app, where parents can sign declaration forms, complete checklists and provide information on their child, including their immunisation records, getting to know me and who can collect the child from preschool. See below for more on contactless policies and accident forms.

Preschool enrolment

Policies can be shared with parents and teachers who can sign them using TeachKloud’s parent or teacher app

Make Your Preschool Contactless in 2021

Accident forms can be created, shared with parents and signed! You can go contactless too. Complete our quick form to see how we can transform your preschool or childcare business here.

Make Your Preschool Contactless in 2021


Contactless Attendance and Inspection Reports 

Roll books and large sheet’s of paper to track attendance are a thing of the past. Many preschools are digitising attendance tracking, calculating of child hours and communication with parents regarding absences or sick notes. Using a childcare app, you can do all of this with the click of a button.

With TeachKloud, children can be checked in and out individually or in groups with a tap of a button. Parents can see their child’s attendance in real-time and can upload absent or sick notes.

preschool attendance

The school administrator can access the attendance in real-time and download reports to track attendance check-ins, patterns and more.


Make Your Preschool Contactless in 2021 Make Your Preschool Contactless in 2021


Contactless Daily Records

Would you like to be able to reassure a new parent that their child is settling in? Send notes home about what children ate, sleeping patterns or their general activities or disposition?

Many preschools are finding it harder to send these important notes home with increased social distancing rules. With childcare apps like TeachKloud, teachers have the option to send these home with the click of a button. Parents can comment, view or download this information using TeachKloud’s free parent app.


Make Your Preschool Contactless in 2021

You can go contactless too and in minutes! Fill out our quick form to see how you can go paperless, reduce paperwork and keep children safe in your preschool!


Online Professional Development Courses

During Covid-19 and in 2021, many courses have transitioned to online! You may run a preschool business or be a preschool teacher and still want to engage in professional development opportunities but are unsure how to go about it! TeachKloud provides on-demand, online courses for thousands of preschool teachers and parents globally. Check out our free and subsidised courses here.

free preschool online courses


There’s More! Download Our Free Covid-19 Resource E-book with Activities for Preschool Children


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