End Of School Term Checklist

The end of the pre-school term is an exciting time for students and teachers, as you look forward to a few weeks of relaxation and a chance to unwind. However, before the end of the school term, there are a few tasks that need to be completed and checked off the list. Fortunately, with technology enhancements, there is now effective pre-school management software that you can use to speed up the process. 

So, what is on the end-of-school term checklist for teachers? 


Create A Cleaning Checklist 

Leaving the preschool and your teaching space clean and tidy before the break will not only help you to keep a clear mind, but you can be sure that your students will return to a safe learning environment too. 

Slippery floors, hazardous items or dangerous situations for the children when they return to school can raise huge concerns so don’t forget to use risk assessment software to stay on top of things. The software will not only save you time, but you can go paperless too! You can keep track of everything via your phone or laptop, and keep your students safe. 



Straight after a school term is a perfect time to reflect on how well the last few months or even the last school year has gone. Dedicate a whole book to writing down your notes and ideas on what worked and what didn’t work with the children. . 

Make sure to also include a list of things that went well during the school term, so you don’t forget to reflect on the positives. Was it a specific activity? Or maybe a child had a breakthrough regarding their social, cognitive or personal development? 

By using learning journal software, you can look over the information you have logged over the term or pre-school year. Learning journal software makes it easy to track observations, curriculum goals and share information with parents. At the end of the term, you can ensure that every student has tracked records, so that you can put an effective teaching plan in place for the following term or pre-school year. Learning journal software can also help you track learning from start through to graduation. This information can be used to share information with other teachers and guide children through room or school moves. 


What To Improve On Next Year 

After reflecting on the previous term, this is the ideal time to decide what you want to improve on next year. Is there a new strategy you want to try out? Was there a topic you were unable to use? A new term is an ideal time to implement new strategies that you want to try out to enhance learning for your students. If you have learned something awesome or noticed something from another teacher that you wish to adapt to your style of teaching or your strategy, then now is the time to consider implementing these ideas. 

You may have made notes throughout the school term which you can refer back to when putting together your new strategies. This is also your chance to ensure that you are up to date with any new teaching strategies, so you can use these in the preschool next term. 

Putting together a new teaching strategy at the end of term whilst everything is fresh in your mind is a great idea. You can utilise lesson plan software to create, schedule and organise lessons for your students and share these plans with your team and management. Using this software is a brilliant way to maximise your time in and out of a lesson.  


Think Of New Projects 

This is a really fun task; creating new projects for your pre-school class to enjoy next term. This is a great way to make learning opportunities more exciting for students, as they put their own twist on things and get creative. You may also want to engage in continued professional development training. There are many free courses for teachers on a variety of topics and can provide credentials or accolades to help give your school and teachers a boost. Kloud Academy offers free and subsidised professional development courses for preschool teachers on everything from loose parts play to fire and food safety! 

Hopefully, this end of pre-school term checklist has given you some food for thought and ideas to take away and use yourself. Although the break is an exciting time, it’s also the perfect opportunity to brush up on any areas that need improvement and ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running next term with your students. 

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