Permissive, Authoritative or Authoritarian? Keys to Effective Parenting

Permissive, Authoritative or Authoritarian? Keys to Effective Parenting

Author: Amina Azam

Instagram and Medium Account: @earlychildhood teaching

This article was prepared by Amina Azam from preschool learning videos. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of TeachKloud.


Don’t get me wrong, as I have observed many parents and their ways of treating children. It pushes me to talk about it. Do you think parenting is only to facilitate kids at the early age? No, it doesn’t sound good. Though parents give children a good start, it’s important for parents to understand that kids come into the world as a blank page. It is the parents’ duty to write something authentic on it that prepares a child for living in this world with humans.

What does parenting mean?

Parenting is a process that promotes and supports the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and the most important moral development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

Three important parenting styles: Though there are many styles of parenting, the following three cover up all the core points.

  • Authoritative parents are firm, loving and kind. …they treat their children with love. They have high goals regarding their kids and help the child develop into a self-confident adult.
  • Authoritarian parents are strict, unbending and bossy…. they have harsh rules for their kids. They may fail to develop trust in their relationship with children because their harsh rules and tone impact negatively on their child’s well being.
  • Permissive style give children a lot of freedom or too much freedom to do what they want to do — A 3-year-old child wants a specific toy and he wants it nooooow! Permissive parents will give into the child quite easily.

What is effective parenting

A parenting style works well when it teaches a child discipline, encourages his sense of responsibility, builds self-esteem, and develops trust between the child and the parent. The question here is How to be an effective parent? Is parenting style effective and in your child’s best interests?Consistency is considered as the ‘’backbone’’ for effective parenting. Set rules for yourself, how to support your child, increase their self-esteem and set boundaries in a loving way? Ask yourself how you can be a role model for your child? Don’t forget if it seems that your child is not listening to you, he/she is definitely observing you.

Good parenting skills

Some Important Qualities for Parents to Have a High-quality parent-child Relationship

Advice for new parents as parenting is the toughest job in the world.

  • A lot of patience
  • Listening …
  • Understanding. …
  • Consistency….
  • Don’t degrade
  • Respect
  • Show genuine interest in your child’s play, talk etc (at early age)
  • Show emotion (hugs, affection and warmth)
  • Celebrate their wow moments
  • Try to spend quality of time with your kid
  • Talk at dinner or lunch time together
  • Try to be positive about your child’s abilities and aspirations
  • Never hit your child — not even a slap on a toddler’s bottom
  • Praise and encourage them
  • Never do backbiting in front of them
  • Don’t play tricks
  • Be firm, not flaky in your boundaries
  • Set a remarkable example of a hero, not a villain


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