Why It's Important To Refresh Your Pre School Qualifications

Why It’s Important To Refresh Your Pre School Qualifications

At TeachKloud, we appreciate that it’s hard to find the time to attend a course when your schedule is jam packed and paperwork is taking up so much of your time. TeachKloud’s pre school management system can shave hours off your week to give you and your team the time to start thinking about refreshing your knowledge and attending some training sessions. 

The TeachKloud brand also brings you KloudAcademy, a hub of information and free resources. However, we are also proud to present pre school training and refresher courses, specifically put together for professionals working in early years.  Here’s a few good reasons you should be encouraging your team to attend these bitesize sessions: 

Get An Update on Industry Changes & Current Thinking 

As with all industries, childcare regulations are constantly changing. Especially right now as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve around the world. 

However when it comes to childcare, an update in regulations can have a huge impact on the way you do things, especially when it comes to things related to health and safety within your setting. A refresher course can simply serve as a conscious way to update yourself on the most recent information being given to pre schools and early childhood educators. In fact, it’s also a great way to help make sure you’re inspection-ready when the time comes. 

Discuss Ideas With Experts

Many early years courses are run in person by a qualified expert in the field. As we continuously adapt to online learning, this could be a virtual course or just a series of online videos. If you are able to attend a live online course, you will be able to pose questions that are relevant and customised to your setting or scenario. Refresher courses allow for open discussions, not just with the course leader, but often other early years educators who may have found a solution for your concern or query! 

Building Confidence & Cementing A Skillset

A refresher course, whether that be on manual handling, food safety or caring for a specific age group, can help to solidify the knowledge acquired in the original course. A lot of information gets forgotten or deemed less important as we navigate incredibly busy, hands-on environments, especially as time becomes tight and we tend to look for ways to cut corners. A refresher course in manual handling, for example, could re-highlight the dangers and risks posed within your setting and ultimately avoid injury or harm in the long term. 

A top tip for managers, is to have a calendar with notifications for when your staff attended or qualified in any area relevant to their job role. You can then schedule out reminders or prompt them to take refresher courses when an appropriate amount of time has passed. This way, you will be helping to build confidence within your team and fill any gaps in their knowledge that they may have missed in the past. 

Motivation & Inspiration 

Encouraging staff to refresh their knowledge, skillset and course understanding can help your team to embrace new and updated methodologies. Research shows that attending refresher training courses can inspire innovation and motivate a change in practices within the workplace. Stimulating staff in this way and allowing them to suggest and implement the ideas they have taken away from a training course can encourage team engagement and cohesiveness on a long term basis. Within the preschool or early years setting, this could help your team to work better, together.

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