Guiding Children’s Behaviour: Proactive Strategies Webinar

In this week’s episode of the Everything Preschool Webinar, we focused on guiding children’s behaviour in your preschool and within the home.

Not every action by our children is a sign of trauma or deep, unresolved issues. But every behaviour is communication. Behaviours can communicate simple needs such as hunger or the need for sleep. They can communicate unmet needs such as the need to be heard or the need to reconnect. They can communicate stress or discomfort over changes in routine or sickness. Or they can communicate big emotions our children need help processing” – LR Knost

Resources from the Webinar

  1. TeachKloud’s Management App for Early Childhood Services: Claim Your 50% Discount for All Webinar Registrants here
  2. Guiding Children’s Behaviour: In-depth (with a certificate) masterclass for educators here

Panelists Contact Details

  1. Shreya Prakash (Harvard University): Email – and LinkedIn
  2. Cindy Curry (Naturally Children): Email – and Website
  3. Cassandra Tregres (Nanny Knows): Website, Facebook, Instagram and Email
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