Using mental health of staff and children as the cornerstone of your behaviour systems Webinar Video

Are you a childcare educator or teacher in school, preschool, daycare or after-school programme? We’re excited to bring you [see webinar recording below] this captivating webinar that will reshape your approach to behaviour management in educational settings!

Watch this enlightening session with Saskia Joss, a seasoned child therapist with a wealth of knowledge to share. In this dynamic webinar, Saskia will explore a range of pivotal topics, including classroom setup, equitable reward systems, boosting children’s self-esteem, and much more!

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Meet Our Inspiring Speaker: Saskia Joss – Child Therapist

Saskia’s journey is nothing short of inspiring! After five years of teaching in primary schools, she embarked on a mission to make a more profound impact. She noticed that some of her students faced incredibly challenging and distressing circumstances outside the classroom.

Determined to offer more support, Saskia pursued training as a humanistic counsellor for adults and later specialised in working with children. She earned her diploma in integrative arts counselling for children from the prestigious Institute for Arts and Therapy in Education. Since then, she’s been a beacon of light for countless families, children, and adolescents navigating tough times. Her dedication is truly awe-inspiring!

Ready to be inspired by Saskia and supercharge your childcare strategies? Connect with her at Saskia’s Website or follow her on Instagram: @SaskiaJossTherapy.


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