Flower-Leaf Print

Flower-Leaf Print: Connecting already experienced print-technique with nature materials. Getting used to work with different textures to create art projects.

Patch-Work Paper Design

Patch-Work Paper Design is a fantastic way to get those fine motor skills working and the imagination running wild!

Water Experiments

Water experiments are a great way to incorporate science and scientific knowledge into preschool children’s play


Create a rainmaker using a variety of tools, such as nails for risky and challenging play.

Forest Creatures

Support children’s excitement about the natural environment with forest creatures. Fine motor skills are enhanced with endless opportunities for imaginative and curious play!

Wild Cooking

The activity is great for practicing fine motor skills, developing an appreciation of nature and the joyful use of the available resources

Let’s Get Moving – Circle Time Preschool Activity

There is so much to discover in movement! Children will love this engaging circle time movement preschool activity! Materials For this activity you will need: Movement Wheel (see video below) Brad Fastener Learning Goals With this activity you will learn the following skills: Understand and follow instructions using their bodies to express themselves Use their […]